Great news!
EU and UK have joined forces to end the trade of shark fins in Europe.

When the EU Citizens’ Initiative “Stop Finning – Stop the Trade” was filed by 12 EU citizens in 2019, the UK was still part of the EU and we were ready for a joint “European” fight against this wasteful and often criminal exploitation of our oceans. However, when the voting started in February 2020, UK citizens could unfortunately no longer cast in their votes for the Initiative – due to BREXIT. Many UK citizens were very disappointed as they were no longer allowed to add their voice to the end of the shark fin trade in the EU.

The trade of shark fins has become a real issue also in the UK, as a Guardian article showed. It stated “People caught bringing meat or cheese into Europe would have that seized and destroyed. However, somehow, 20kg of shark fins is OK. It’s enough to make 705 bowls of soup and would be worth around £3,500 on the black market.” However, the UK participates in this trade not only as an importer of fins by either individuals or businesses, but it is also a player in the export of fins, as revealed by an Unearthed article in 2019.

But now a UK initiative has been started with the same aim like our EU Citizens’ Initiative. It is closing the gap we experienced due to BREXIT and reuniting UK and EU in their conservation efforts again:

The UK Parliament Petition is asking for a ban for the importation of fins into the UK:

To achieve a hearing in a parliamentary session, at least 100,000 UK citizens will have to sign the petition.

The UK conservation organisation Shark Guardian has launched their new campaign Finspire Change UK on May 1, 2020 in support of this petition. We support Shark Guardian and hope our followers and supporters from UK will support their cause! As our citizens committee also has two UK residents, we will try our best to further support their cause.

Please vote for an end of the shark fin trade in Europeeither in the United Kingdom or in the European Union, wherever you live….